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Table 2 Relative ratios of the major proteins in pellicle quantified by iTRAQ

From: Comparison of protein profiles of the pellicle, gingival crevicular fluid, and saliva: possible origin of pellicle proteins

  1. Quantitative analysis of the proteins in the pellicle, GCF, saliva from parotid gland and saliva from mixed gland was performed using iTRAQ labeling. Amount of each protein in pellicle was compared with those in GCF or two saliva samples among each subject (n = 6). The ratio calculated for each protein was indicated in the table; colored tiles represent ratio ≥ 3 (blue), ≥ 1.5 (sky), ≤ 0.67 (pink) or ≤ 0.33 (magenta), respectively. When the data was not reliable enough based on consistency of peptide signals in MS/MS the tile was left uncolored. Statistical analysis was carried out by Kruscal–Wallis test. P values ≤ 0.05, *; P ≤ 0.01, **; P ≤ 0.005, ***