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Table 1 Examples of nitrogen-associated genes identified by QTL mapping and other approaches

From: Disentangling the genetic bases of Saccharomyces cerevisiae nitrogen consumption and adaptation to low nitrogen environments in wine fermentation

Phenotype under studyExperimental conditionMethod(s) of detectionGene(s) identifiedReference(s)
 XXX XQTL mapping (ISA) plus microarrayABZ1[76]
  XX XQTL mapping (BSA)ARG8, BIO3, GCN1, MDS3[82]
 X X XQTL mapping (ISA)AGP1, ASI1, GLT1[41]
X   X QTL mapping (ISA)DAL1, DAL4, RIM15, PUT4[48]
 XXXXXQTL mapping (ISA)RIM15[42]
plus ASB
 X X XQTL mapping (ISA) plus BSR-seqARO1, ALP1, ASI2, CPS1, EAP1, GTR1, LYP1, NPR1, PDC1, RPI1, SAP185, SCH9, SIT4, TOR2[81, 83, 85]
  X XXWYDCAAT2, BRO1, EAR1, MFA2, MMS2, MRP17, MVB12, TPK2, UBC13, UBI4, UBP7[89]
  XXXXQTL mapping (ISA)KAE1[84]
  1. A: Growth kinetics. B: nitrogen sources consumption. C: fermentation kinetics. D: nitrogen-sufficient condition. E: nitrogen-limited condition. F: wine condition