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Table 1 An example of missing proteins in vitrified-warmed MII oocytes following IVM are listed based on their involvement in biological processes and protein scores

From: Missing and overexpressing proteins in domestic cat oocytes following vitrification and in vitro maturation as revealed by proteomic analysis

Protein name Biological process ID Score Database Species Peptide sequence
Growth/differentiation factor 7 Development 25.64 gi|50400625   SPGGGGGGGR
Contactin-3 precursor Development 20.40 gi|9506949 Rattus norvegicus SDGMPFPTKIK
Hyaluronidase-3 precursor Development 19.98 gi|67514570 Rattus norvegicus LPPAYHQTFVR
Fam3c protein Development 15.59 gi|47125071 Mus musculus SARSGGGGGGGTSR
Microtubule-associated protein 2 (MAP2) Development 15.22 gi|291508792 Mesocricetus auratus ATELKFEMSPELALSSK
a1(XIX) collagen chain precursor Development 12.78 gi|624871 Homo sapiens TGAQGPAGEPGIQGPR
Brain-specific angiogenesis inhibitor 2 (BAI2) Development 12.48 gi|119627996 Homo sapiens MENTGWMGK
Titin Development 10 gi|334329989 Monodelphis domestica ELTPGPKYK
Voltage-dependent T-type calcium channel subunit alpha-1G isoform 11 Transportation 15.00 gi|73966393 Canis lupus familiaris HGGSLER
Myosin X Transportation 12.67 gi|6996558 Mus musculus SMILR
Gap junction gamma-2 protein-like Transportation 12.34 gi|334324640 Monodelphis domestica SQQEKSSR
Transmembrane emp24 domain-containing protein 1-like Transportation 11.88 gi|301771990 Ailuropoda melanoleuca ESIETMKTR
STON1 protein Transportation 11.14 gi|111309209 Homo sapiens MFSSRNK
Integrin alpha-M-like Immune response 13.43 gi|126334040 Monodelphis domestica THTASGIR
Tumor necrosis factor alpha-induced protein 8 Immune response 11.63 gi|296232583 Callithrix jacchus ICEGLGRMLDDGSL
Interleukin-12 subunit beta Immune response 10.53 gi|81914499   NSEAVGSGK
Iodotyrosine dehalogenase 1 isoform 2 Metabolic process 24.17 gi|42794271 Homo sapiens EATVPDLK
Inter-alpha-trypsin inhibitor heavy chain H2 Metabolic process 12.08 gi|73949158 Canis lupus familiaris TTGLVR
Polymeric immunoglobulin receptor-like, partial Signal transduction 21.59 gi|301767800 Ailuropoda melanoleuca SQIISVTLNPVSK
52 kDa repressor of the inhibitor of the protein kinase Signal transduction 13.49 gi|332210861 Nomascus leucogenys FNTSEGHHADMYR
TPA: amyloid beta (A4) precursor-like protein 1 Transcription, cell cycle 11.65 gi|296477814 Bos Taurus SWPPGGR
Zinc finger protein Transcription 12.83 gi|157105094 Aedes aegypti HMQAAHGK
Chain A, Gabpa Ost Domain Transcription 10.10 gi|178847068   MAECVSQAIDINEPIGNLK
Butyrophilin like receptor Cellular organization 10.59 gi|4587209 Homo sapiens HGQAELR
Gamma-tubulin complex component 6 (Tubgcp6) Cellular organization 10 gi|35505467 Mus musculus GPGKSR
  1. Only protein with proteins ID score > 10 are listed