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Table 1 Taxonomic characteristics of the Streptomyces sp. KML-2

From: Antitumor compounds from Streptomyces sp. KML-2, isolated from Khewra salt mines, Pakistan

  Observed results
Morphological parameters
 Aerial mycelium Detachable/pale yellow
 Substrate mycelium Abundant/red
 Diffusible pigments Nil
 Fragmentation pattern of substrate mycelium Fair
 Spores Abundant/smooth
 Size of colony 3 mm
 Consistency Hard/embedded
 Odour Earthy
 Elevation Raised
 Margins Entire
 Surface Rough
 Growth pattern Well growth/partitioned
 Shape/form Circular
 Optical feature Opaque
 Gram stain Positive
 Motility Nil
 Melanin production
 Urease ++
Utilization of sugars
 Glucose +
 Galactose +
 Mannitol +
 Mannose +
Utilization of organic acids
 Potassium gluconate +
 Trisodium citrate +
 Sodium malate
 Sodium lactate
 Sodium malonate
  1. +, positive; −, negative; ++, strong positive