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Table 1 Phytochemical constituents in crude extract of I. rugosus

From: Phytochemical and toxicological investigations of crude methanolic extracts, subsequent fractions and crude saponins of Isodon rugosus

S. no Phytochemicals Observations Results
1 Alkaloids Turbidity/precipitation +
2 Flavonoids Formation of yellow color which changed to colorless on acid addition +
3 Saponins Formation of frothing bubbles +
4 Tannins Formation of bluish-black color +
5 Sterols green to pink color was absent -
6 Glycosides Formation of red color precipitate +
7 Anthraquinones Formation of red, violet or pink color in aqueous layer +
8 Terpenoids Appearance of reddish brown color +
9 Oils Formation of Greasy spot +
  1. Positive symbol (+) shows the presence while negative symbol (-) shows the absence of phytochemicals.