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Table 1 Components of SREBP pathways described in some fungi

From: The SREBP (Sterol Regulatory Element-Binding Protein) pathway: a regulatory bridge between carotenogenesis and sterol biosynthesis in the carotenogenic yeast Xanthophyllomyces dendrorhous

Fungi division Fungal species SREBP pathway components
SREBP SCAP Insig proteins* SREBP proteolytic activation
S1P S2P Other components involved in the activation of SREBP**
  DUF2014 domain
Ascomycota S. pombe Sre1, Sre2 [31] Present in Sre1 and missing in Sre2 [31] Scp1 [31] Ins1[31] Dsc1 to Dsc4 [39]; Dsc5, Cdc48 [38]; Rbd2 [40]; Ypf1 [42]
A. fumigatus SrbA [32]; SrbB [45] Present in SrbA [32], and missing in SrbB InsA [75] DscA to DscD [43]; RbdB [44]/RbdA [76]; homolog of A. nidulans SppA (ID AspGD database: Afu6g02150)
A. nidulans SrbA [42]; homolog of A. fumigatus SrbB (ID AspGD database: An7170) Present in SrbA [42], and missing in homolog of A. fumigatus SrbB (GeneBank ID: CBF78935.1) SppA, DscA to DscE [42]. Homolog of A. fumigatus RbdB/RbdA (GenBank ID: CBF75549.1)
N. crassa SAH-2/SRE-1 [37, 77]; SRE-2 [36] Present in SAH-2 and missing in SRE-2 [36] SCP-1 [36] Dsc-1/TUL-1, Dsc-2 to Dsc-6, RBD-2, Spp-1 [36, 37]
Basidiomycota C. neoformans Sre1 [33] Missing in Sre1 [51] Scp1 [33] Stp1 [34, 46]
X. dendrorhous Sre1 [48] Missing in Sre1 [48] Stp1 [47]
  1. AspGD = The Aspergillus Genome Database. DUF2014 domain = domain of unknown function that is present at the C-terminal of some SREBP homologs (Pfam entry: PF09427)
  2. *Insig proteins: S. pombe Ins1 is not essential for retention of the SCAP homolog in the ER [31]. The gene insA of A. fumigatus encodes a putative Insig protein (ID AspGD database: Afu4g07680) and A. nidulans has a hypothetical protein homolog of InsA (ID AspGD database: AN4465). No homologs were detected in N. crassa [36], C. neoformans [78], and X. dendrorhous [48]
  3. **Other components involved in the activation of SREBP: SppA has conserved biological functions in A. nidulans and A. fumigatus [42]. S. pombe Ypf1 [42] and N. crassa Spp-1 [36], homologs to SppA are not involved in the response to hypoxia conditions