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Fig. 1

From: Antisense noncoding mitochondrial RNA-2 gives rise to miR-4485-3p by Dicer processing in vitro

Fig. 1

adapted from ref. 4). B Predicted secondary structure of ASncmtRNA-2 [5] showing the 552-nt ssRNA 3’ region, the 551-bp dsRNA feature and the 450-nt single-stranded “loop” region

Synthesis and structure of ncmtRNAs. A Bidirectional transcription of the mitochondrial genome (red arrow: L-strand transcript; blue arrow: H-strand transcript), giving rise to the Sense (blue) and Antisense (red) transcripts form the 16S rRNA gene. After processing, the chimeric transcripts SncmtRNA and ASncmtRNAs are formed, each with inverted repeats and therefore long dsRNA structural motifs (figure

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