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Table 3 Association categories for miRNA SNPs and breast cancer risk

From: Association between single-nucleotide polymorphisms in miRNA and breast cancer risk: an updated review

BC risk category miRNA SNP(s) Country/countries Continent(s)
Increased risk 146a rs2910164:G > C Brazil, China, Iran, Italy, Pakistan Asia, Europe, South America
196a2 rs11614913:C > T Brazil, China, India, Iran, Saudi Arabia Asia, South America
499 rs3746444:T > C China, Iran, Saudi Arabia Asia
218-2 rs11134527:A > G Iran Asia
301-b rs384262G > A Iran Asia
605 rs2043556T:A > G Iran Asia
599 rs58450758:C > T Iran Asia
423 rs6505162:C > A Chile and Saudi Arabia Asia, South America
513a-2 rs2018562 USA (African-American) North America
106b rs1527423:A > G USA (European-American) North America
182 rs4541843:C > T Chile South America
101-2 rs462480:A > C
rs105387:C > G
China Asia
Let-7 rs13293512:T > C China Asia
331 rs1110793:A > G USA (European-American) North America
544 rs10144193:A > T USA (European-American) North America
487 rs1951032G > A USA (European-American) North America
659 rs5750504:T > A USA (European-American) North America
618 rs2682818C > A Chile (early-onset BC) South America
Decreased risk 27a rs895819:A > G Chile, China, Germany, Iran, Israel Asia, Europe, South America
499 rs3746444:T > C Iran Asia
608 rs4919510:C > G Iran Asia
520f rs75598818:G > A Iran Asia
196a2 rs11614913:C > T Brazil, China, USA, Vietnam Asia, North America, South America
758 rs12586258:G > A USA (African-American) North America
100 rs1834306:G > A USA (European-American) North America
185 rs2008595:C > T
rs887205:A > G
USA (African-American) North America
423 rs6505162:A > C Australia Oceania
605 rs2043556:T > C Chile South America
146a rs2910164:G > C India Asia
149 rs2292832:T > C China Asia
30a rs763354:G > A China Asia
No association 196a2 rs11614913:C > T Australia, Chile, China, Germany, Iran, India, Italy Asia, Europe, South America, Oceania
196a2 rs185070757 Iran Asia
146a rs2910164:G > C Chile, China, France, Germany, Iran, Ireland, Italy, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Tunisia Africa, Asia, Europe, South America
323b rs56103835:T > C Iran Asia
100 rs1834306:T > C China, Iran, USA (African-American) Asia, North America
124-1 rs531564:G > C China, Iran Asia
605 rs2043556:T > C China, Iran Asia
4293 rs12220909:G > C Iran Asia
34b/c rs4938723: Iran Asia
27a rs895819:A > C China, Italy, Vietnam Asia and Europe
499 rs3746444:T > C Chile, China, Germany, India, Italy Asia, Europe, South America
126 rs463297 Germany Europe
335 rs41272366 Germany Europe
106b rs1527423:A > G USA (African-American) North America
331 rs11107973:A > G USA (African-American) North America
758 rs12586258:G > A USA (African-American) North America
513a-2 rs2018563:A > G USA (African-American) North America
185 rs2078749:A > G USA (African-American) North America
145 rs353291:T > C Australia Oceania
608 rs4919510:C > G Chile, China Asia, South America
125a rs12975333:A > G Chile South America
423 rs6505162:C > A China Asia
149 rs2292832:T > C China Asia
9−1 rs12239077:A > G USA (African- and European-American) North America
9−2 rs1501672:T > C USA (African- and European-American) North America
16−1/15a rs9535416:G > A USA (African- and European-American) North America
34b/c rs4938723:T > C USA (European-American) North America
206 rs6920648:A > G
rs16882131:C > T
USA (European-American) North America
185 rs28591:C > T
rs887205:A > G
rs2078749:A > G
USA (European-American) North America
618 rs2682818:C > A China Asia
373 rs12983273:C > T
rs1042522:C > A
China Asia
492 rs2289030:C > G China Asia
603 rs11014002:C > T China Asia
604 rs2368392:C > T China Asia
26a-1 rs7372209:C > T China Asia
105-1 rs5970293:G > C China Asia
105-2 rs5970292:G > A China Asia
1206 rs2114358:T > C China Asia
1274a rs318039:C > T China Asia
125b-1 rs2081443:T > G China Asia
943 rs1077020:C > T China Asia
30c-1 rs16827546:C > T
rs928508:A > G
rs12743517:C > A
rs3767950:C > A
China Asia
Let-7f-2 rs17276588:G > A China Asia
Let-7 rs10877887:T > C China Asia
30a rs852963:G > A
rs852964:G > A
China Asia
30c-2 rs12208417:C > A
rs16881192:A > C
China Asia
30d rs17709260:A > G
rs7846345:G > C
China Asia