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Table 6 A list of differentially expressed proteins involved in regulation of synaptic plasticity

From: Proteome profiling of different rat brain regions reveals the modulatory effect of prolonged maternal separation on proteins involved in cell death-related processes

Protein ID Gene name Protein name Brain region Y S/C M S/C F S/C C M/F S M/F
P97924; F1LZV1 Kalrn Kalirin Cerebellum N C N M N
Grm5 Metabotropic glutamate receptor 5 Cerebellum C N N N N
O35867 Pp1r9a Neurabin-1 Hippocampus - ↓ (0.50) ↓ (0.48)
Q62765 Nlgn1 Neuroligin-1 Cortex ↑ (2.10)
A0A0H2UHW8    Cerebellum S F ↓ (0.45)
P09217 Prkcz Protein kinase C zeta type Cortex N N S N F
P04631 S100b Protein S100-B Hippocampus ↑ (2.19) ↓ (0.47)
    Cerebellum ↓ (0.25)
Q9WV48 Shank1 SH3 and multiple ankyrin repeat domains protein 1 Cerebellum ↑ (2.01)
  1. C protein detected only in control samples, S protein detected only samples from maternally separated rats, M protein detected only in samples from adult male rats, F protein detected only in samples from adult female rats, N protein not detected in the samples; –, unchanged protein expression between the samples; ↓, protein down-regulated in samples from maternally separated rats; ↑, protein up-regulated in samples from maternally separated rats