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Table 3 The role of some circRNAs in osteoporosis and their mechanisms through osteoblasts and osteoclasts and targets

From: The roles of miRNA, lncRNA and circRNA in the development of osteoporosis

circRNA ID Target molecule and pathway Mechanisms that affect osteoporosis through osteoblasts and osteoclasts
circRNA_0016624 [59] miR-98, BMP2 Promote osteoblast differentiation
circRNA AFF4 [60] miR-7223-5p Promote osteoblast differentiation
CircRNA CDR1as [61] miR-7, GDF5, Smad1/5/8 and p38 MAPK Promote osteoblast differentiation
circHIPK3 [62, 63] miR-124 Promote osteoblast differentiation
circRNA436 [111] miR-108, miR-335 Promote osteoblast differentiation
CircRNA BANP [112] miRNA-146a, PDGFRA Promote osteoblast proliferation
circRNA ITCH [112] miR-34a, DUSP1 Promote osteoblast proliferation
circIGSF11 [64] miR-199b-5p Inhibit osteoblast differentiation
hsa_circ_0127781 [111] miR-210, miR-335 Inhibit osteoblast differentiation
CircRNA_28313 [95] miR-195a, CSF1 Promote osteoclast differentiation
CircRNA_007438 [96] miRNA-6338, miRNA-7028-3p Promote osteoclast differentiation
circRNA_005108 [96] miRNA-6975-3p,miRNA-6516-5p, miRNA-486b-5p, miRNA-31-3p Inhibit osteoclast differentiation