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Table 2 Interactions between HPV oncoproteins and β-catenin in Wnt signaling

From: β-Catenin: oncogenic role and therapeutic target in cervical cancer

HPV oncoproteins Interactions Biological effects
E6 E6-E6AP-β-catenin Blocks proteasomal degradation of β-catenin and promotes its translocation to the nucleus
  E6-Dlg2/Scribble-APC-β-catenin Inactivates APC and leads to β-catenin nuclear accumulation through E6-induced degradation of the Dlg1 and Scribble
  E6-MZF1/NKX2-1/FOXM1-β-catenin Induces MZF1 expression and then activates NKX2-1 transcription, finally promotes FOXM1- mediated β-catenin nuclear translocation
  E6-p53-Siah-1/SIP/Ebi-β-catenin E6-induced loss of p53 inactivates Siah-1/SIP/Ebi complex, which can act as β-TrCP and lead to β-catenin degradation
E7 E7-PP2A-β-catenin Binds to both the catalytic and structural subunits of PP2A and consequently induces Wnt activation