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Table 1 Schematic representation of tight junction-related protein affected by miRNAs

From: Mast cells-derived MiR-223 destroys intestinal barrier function by inhibition of CLDN8 expression in intestinal epithelial cells

hsa-miR-223CLDN8 [14]hsa-miR-212CLDN, JAMC, TJP1 [41, 42]
hsa-miR-21OCLN, CLDN1, CLDN5 [43,44,45, 39]hsa-miR-29aCLDN1 [46]
hsa-miR-16ZO-1, OCLN, CLDN2 [47, 48]hsa-miR-18aZO-1, OCLN, CLDN5 [49, 50]
hsa-miR-23aZO-1 [40]hsa-miR-146aCLDN1, OCLN, JAMA [51]
hsa-miR-320aJAMA [52]hsa-miR-34c-5pZO-1, OCLN [53]
hsa-miR-191ZO-1 [54]hsa-miR-34c-3pZO-1, OCLN [53]
hsa-miR-99bCLDN11 [55]hsa-miR-181aZO-1, OCLN, CLDN5 [28]
hsa-let-7bOCLN, ZO-1 [56]hsa-miR-122ZO-1, ZO-3, OCLN [57, 58]
hsa-miR-132CLDN1, JAM3, TJP1 [41, 59]hsa-miR-143ZO-1, ZO-3, OCLN, CLDN5 [60, 61]
hsa-miR-101VE-cadherin [62]hsa-miR-21-3pOCLN, CLDN5, ZO-1 [63]
hsa-miR-15aZO-1, OCLN [48]hsa-miR-125bCLDN2 [47]
hsa-miR-210OCLN [64]hsa-miR-200bOCLN, CLDN5, CLDN1, ZO-1 [65, 66]
hsa-miR-34aZO-1, OCLN, CLDN5 [67]hsa-miR-96ZO-1 [68]
hsa-miR-150CLDN5 [69]hsa-miR-429OCLN [70]
hsa-miR-107ZO-1, OCLN, CLDN5 [71]hsa-miR-30aCLDN1, CLDN2, CLDN3 [72]
hsa-miR-144OCLN, ZO-1, CLDN5 [73]  
  1. The miRNAs detected in MCs-derived exosomes have been reported to target different tight junction proteins. The enrichment of miRNA CT value was listed in Additional file 1: Table S1