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Fig. 7

From: Palmitic acid-induced lipotoxicity promotes a novel interplay between Akt-mTOR, IRS-1, and FFAR1 signaling in pancreatic β-cells

Fig. 7

Proposed model of the crosstalk between mTORC2, IRS-1, and FFAR1 signaing in β-cell under lipotoxic conditions. In the absence of PA, FFAR1 is predominantly located at the cell surface and/or cytoplasm due to the absence of PTMs allowing it to exert its effect indirectly (dashed arrow) on mTORC2, and consequently, phosphorylating and activating Akt at S473 (left panel). On the other hand, PA-induced lipotoxicity mobilizes FFAR1 to perinuclear structures due to possible PTMs attenuating the activity of mTORC2 (dashed line). This also has an indirect inhibitory effect (dashed line) on the double phosphorylation of IRS-1 at S636/639 (right panel). P phosphorylation, PTM posttranslational modification

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