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Table 5 Interaction of irrigation treatments (I1 = 100%, I2 = 85% and I3 = 70% ETc), kaolin application (K1 = 0%, K2 = 3% and K3 = 6%) and cultivars (Golab and Shafi Abadi) on chlorophyll index (CI), yield and water use efficiency (WUE)

From: Effects of deficit irrigation and kaolin application on vegetative growth and fruit traits of two early ripening apple cultivars

Irrigation (I) Kaolin (K) CI Yield (kg tree−1) WUE (kg m−3)
Cultivar Cultivar Cultivar
Golab Shafi Abadi Golab Shafi Abadi Golab Shafi Abadi
I1 K1 38.73d–g 46.90a–c 28.00gh 24.00gh 2.35hj 2.01ij
K2 41.00c–f 49.43ab 42.00c–f 22.33gh 3.49eh 1.85j
K3 37.96e–g 51.9a 19.66 h 24.33gh 1.61j 2.03ij
I2 K1 42.43b–e 40.13c–g 50.00b 42.00c–f 5.01b–d 4.20cf
K2 34.40gf 47.23a–c 72.66a 27.66gh 7.28a 2.77gj
K3 37.23e–g 46.06a–d 57.66b 33.00e–g 5.77b 3.31ei
I3 K1 22.8 h 33.33 g 46.00b–c 30.00f–h 5.74b 3.74d–g
K2 24.96 h 38.90d–g 34.66d–g 20.33 h 4.33ce 2.51gj
K3 32.96 g 33.80gf 42.66c–e 23.33gh 5.32bc 2.91fj
  1. Means within columns for each trait followed by the same letters are not significantly different at P ≤ 0.05 level