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Table 4 Effect of kaolin application (K1 = 0%, K2 = 3% and K3 = 6%) and cultivars (Golab and Shafi Abadi) on relative shoot diameter growth (SD), relative trunk cross sectional area growth (TCSA) and yield efficiency (YE)

From: Effects of deficit irrigation and kaolin application on vegetative growth and fruit traits of two early ripening apple cultivars

  SD (%) TCSA (%) YE (kg cm−2)
‘Golabʼ ‘Shafi Abadiʼ ‘Golabʼ ‘Shafi Abadiʼ ‘Golabʼ ‘Shafi Abadiʼ
Kaolin (K)
 K1 7.1b 7.6b 1.99a 1.55bc 0.15a 0.13a
 K2 8.5ab 9.3a 1.95a 1.48c 0.12ab 0.06d
 K3 9.3a 7.4b 1.58bc 1.85ab 0.10bc 0.08dc
  1. Means within columns for each trait followed by the same letters are not significantly different at P ≤ 0.05 level