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Table 2 The effect of irrigation treatments (I1 = 100%, I2 = 85% and I3 = 70% ETc), kaolin application (K1 = 0%, K2 = 3% and K3 = 6%) and their interaction, on vegetative traits of ‘Golabʼand ‘Shafi-Abadiʼ apples

From: Effects of deficit irrigation and kaolin application on vegetative growth and fruit traits of two early ripening apple cultivars

Treatments SL (%) SD (%) TCSA (%) CI
Irrigation (I) ** ** ns **
 I1 18.80a 13.01a 1.79a 44.33a
 I2 10.67b 8.42b 1.75a 41.25a
 I3 11.09b 3.26c 1.65a 31.12b
Kaolin (K) ns * ns ns
 K1 12.10a 7.39b 1.77a 37.39a
 K2 14.16a 8.91a 1.71a 39.32a
 K3 14.30a 8.40ab 1.72a 40.00a
Cultivar (CV) ns ns * **
Golab 13.69a 8.31a 1.84a 34.72b
Shafi Abadi 13.36a 8.16a 1.63b 43.08a
 I × K ns ns * ns
 I × CV ns ns ns ns
 K × CV ns * ** ns
 I × K × CV ns ns ns *
  1. Relative shoot length growth (SL), relative shoot diameter growth (SD), trunk cross sectional area (TCSA) and chlorophyll index (CI)
  2. Means within each column for each treatment followed by the same letters are not significantly different at P ≤ 0.05
  3. ns not significant
  4. * and ** significant at 5% and 1% level by Duncan test