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Fig. 2

From: Knock-down the expression of TaH2B-7D using virus-induced gene silencing reduces wheat drought tolerance

Fig. 2

Detection of the expression levels of TaH2B-7D in the gene knock-down and control plants. NS, non-stress; DS, drought stress. BSMV0, negative control of the VIGS system; BSMVTaH2B-7D, TaH2B-7D-knock down plants; BSMVTaH2B-7D-1, BSMVTaH2B-7D-2, BSMVTaH2B-7D-3 and BSMVTaH2B-7D-4 are four independent TaH2B-7D-knock down plants. The expression level of TaH2B-7D in the TaH2B-7D-knock down plants was detected under DS conditions. Different letters above the columns indicate significant differences at P ≤ 0.01 levels

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