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Fig. 3

From: CoCl2 simulated hypoxia induce cell proliferation and alter the expression pattern of hypoxia associated genes involved in angiogenesis and apoptosis

Fig. 3

Cell proliferation with increase in concentration of CoCl2 (MCF-7 50–200 µM; MDA-MB-231 10–200 µM) in MCF-7 (a) and MDA-MB-231 (b) cell lines were analysed under phase contrast microscopy in a time dependent manner. Maximum cell proliferation has been observed at 150 µM and 25 µM in MCF-7 and MDA-MB-231 respectively. Cell morphology was also analysed at ×10 objective in inverted light microscope (EVOS FL cell imaging system, Life Technologies, USA) where cytoplasmic condensation and cell shrinkage were observed at higher CoCl2 concentration i.e., above 150 µM in case of MCF-7 (a) and above 25 µM in MDA-MB-231 (b) which ultimately leads to cell death

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