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Table 1 Effect of short-duration drought stress and recovery after re-watering at flowering stage on seed cotton yield (SCY) and its components in two different cotton cultivars under different K rates

From: Coping with drought: stress and adaptive mechanisms, and management through cultural and molecular alternatives in cotton as vital constituents for plant stress resilience and fitness

Cultivar Water regime K level Number of bolls/plant Boll weight (g) SCY/plant (g)
Siza 3 Control 0 14.6c 4.9c 71.41c
   150 16.8b 5.5a 93.20b
   300 18.2a 5.7a 103.15a
  Stress 0 7.6f 4.5d 35.94e
   150 11.3e 5.2b 58.68d
   300 12.9d 5.5a 67.98c
Simian 3 Control 0 16.1b 4.6cd 74.25c
   150 17.6a 4.9b 86.22b
   300 18.6a 5.2a 95.86a
  Stress 0 8.8e 4.2e 38.09f
   150 11.4d 4.5d 50.34e
   300 13.0c 4.7c 58.55d
  1. For each cultivar, values followed by a different letter within the same column are significantly different at P ≤ 0.05 probability level. Each value represents the mean of three replications [114]