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Table 3 Repeated measures ANOVA of UVAC concentrations for three red Antarctic mosses grown in the laboratory

From: Photoprotection enhanced by red cell wall pigments in three East Antarctic mosses

  B. pseudotriquetrum C. purpureus S. antarctici
F-stat P-value F-stat P-value F-stat P-value
Intracellular UVAC F2,10 = 5.83 < 0.05 ns ns
Cell wall UVAC ns F2,8 = 5.93 < 0.05 F2,10 = 10.17 < 0.01
Total UVAC F2,10 = 4.86 < 0.05 ns ns
Anthocyanins ns ns n/a
  1. Statistical results (F-statistics and P-values where α = 0.05) are of intracellular, cell wall and total UVAC concentrations of Antarctic B. pseudotriquetrum, C. purpureus and S. antarctici that were grown for 2 weeks under low light and at 18 °C with adequate water (see Fig. 4). The repeated factor tested was for week (n = 6 for S. antarctici and B. pseudotriquetrum; n = 5 for C. purpureus)
  2. ns not significant