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Table 3 BR response to various kinds of salt and saline stresses

From: The physiological and molecular mechanism of brassinosteroid in response to stress: a review

Stress Crop Year Remarks References
Salt Strawberry 2011 EBR keep balance in plant nutrients, enhance plant antioxidant system, stabilize membrane stability and chlorophyll [103]
Salinity Mung bean 2010 Increase plant growth parameters, m membrane stability index, relative water contents, NR, CA activities, EC, H2O2 and chlorophyll SPAD by EBR treatment under stress conditions [104]
NaCl/CdCl2 Bean 2011 EBR significantly enhance growth, yield by activating antioxidant enzymes under stress condition [105]
Salt Peppermint 2016 EBR play a protective role to alleviate salt stress effect and improve growth [106]
Salt Lettuce 2012 EBR have ability to enhance growth, GS enzyme activity, macro and micro nutrients uptake, improve cell membrane stability under salt stress [107]
Salinity Potato 2016 EBR significantly enhance in vitro potato adventitious root growth, root length, root number, bio mass, root activity, maintaining K+/Na+ homeostasis and antioxidant capacity [108]
Salt Eggplant 2012 EBR increase superoxide dismutase, guaiacol peroxidase, catalase and ascorbate peroxidase, and also increase essential ion contents under salt stress [109]
Salt/copper Cucumber 2013 EBR enhanced the level of antioxidant system (superoxide dismutase, catalase, peroxidase and proline) and improved growth parameters, both under stress and stress-free conditions [110]
NaCl Cucumber 2011 EBR reduce NaCl stress effect and increase germination, ACS and ACO genes expression (ethylene bio synthesis), ACO activity [111]
Salinity Brassica juncea 2017 EBR protect plant from salinity stress and enhance nitrogen, proline and ABA metabolism [112]
Salt Tomato 2016 EBR increase growth, proteins contents and antioxidant enzymes activities in in vitro growing potato. [113]
NaCl Ryegrass 2017 EBR enhance growth, Na+, root activity, protein contents, proline contents and antioxidant enzymes capacity [25]
Saline Pigeon pea 2013 EBR increase NR activity, amino acid, proteins contents, nutrients contents and increase defense system [114]
Saline Pepper 2013 EBR enhance growth and related parameters, reduce toxic ion effect [11]
Salt Rice 2012 EBR increase pea growth, activate different enzymes, chlorophyll, photosynthesis, proline and yield under salt stress condition [115]
Salinity Rice 2004 EBR significantly increase germination %, shoot and root length, fresh and dry weight, yield and yield components under salinity stress [27]