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Table 2 Enriched gene ontology (GO) terms for intersecting up-regulated differentially expressed genes (A) and down-regulated differentially expressed genes (B) (top 5)

From: Identification of key genes and miRNAs markers of papillary thyroid cancer

Term Count P-value
A: up-regulated genes
 GO:0007155~cell adhesion 23 3.99E−07
 GO:0030198~extracellular matrix organization 15 5.63E−07
 GO:0007165~signal transduction 37 3.65E−06
 GO:0030574~collagen catabolic process 8 2.72E−05
 GO:0001525~angiogenesis 13 6.29E−05
B: down-regulated genes
 GO:0015701~bicarbonate transport 7 3.85E−05
 GO:0045926~negative regulation of growth 5 1.40E−04
 GO:0007586~digestion 7 2.94E−04
 GO:0015671~oxygen transport 4 0.001197
 GO:0006898~receptor-mediated endocytosis 10 0.001578