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Fig. 5

From: Involvement of K+ATP and Ca2+ channels in hydrogen sulfide-suppressed ageing of porcine oocytes

Fig. 5

Graphical summary of oocyte ageing and the involvement of hydrogen sulfide through the modulation of ion channels. Hydrogen sulfide (H2S) treatment protects oocytes against cell death when fragmented or lytic oocytes are observed (background). Modulators of K+ATP and Ca2+ channels (activator and inhibitor, respectively) show hydrogen sulfide-like rescue effects (modulation). Therefore, we experimentally tested the crosstalk of K+ATP/Ca2+ ion channels and hydrogen sulfide when the beneficial effect of hydrogen sulfide was reversed using increasing concentration of K+ATP inhibitor or Ca2+ channel activator (experiments). Based on our findings, we concluded that K+ATP/Ca2+ channels are molecular targets of hydrogen sulfide in aged oocytes

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