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Fig. 4

From: Involvement of K+ATP and Ca2+ channels in hydrogen sulfide-suppressed ageing of porcine oocytes

Fig. 4

Effect of the combined treatment with a hydrogen sulfide donor and L-type Ca2+ channel activator. Na2S (300 µM, (+)Na2S) was used as the extracellular hydrogen sulfide donor, and BAY K6844 (0.1–10 µM; aCa) was used to activate L-type Ca2+ channels both alone ((−)Na2S) and combined with Na2S ((+)Na2S). ac The proportions of intact MII oocytes; cell death, including apoptosis or lysis; and parthenogenetically activated oocytes were determined, respectively. Different superscripts indicate statistically significant differences among experimental groups within a treatment (α, β, γ). Asterisks indicate a significant difference between treatments within the same aCa concentration (at α level less than 0.01)

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