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Table 1 Fungal strains isolated from Antarctic marine sponges that were used in this wok

From: Cold-active pectinolytic activity produced by filamentous fungi associated with Antarctic marine sponges

Straina Genus or speciesb
F09-T1-5 Pseudogymnoascus pannorum
F09-T1-10 Pseudogymnoascus pannorum
F09-T3-1 Geomyces sp.
F09-T3-2 Geomyces sp.
F09-T3-4 Geomyces sp.
F09-T3-5 Geomyces sp.
F09-T3-8 Geomyces sp.
F09-T3-17 Geomyces sp.
F09-T7-1 Penicillium polonicum
F09-T7-2 Penicillium polonicum
F09-T9-1 Penicillium sp.
F09-T10-1 Penicillium sp.
F09-T12-1 Cladosporium sp.
F09-T12-2 Cladosporium sp.
F09-T13-12 Geomyces sp.
F09-T14-2 Thelebolus sp.
F09-T15-6 Epicoccum sp.
F09-T16-1 Phoma sp.
F09-T18-1 Pseudogymnoascus sp.
F09-T18-12 Pseudogymnoascus sp.
F09-T18-14 Pseudogymnoascus sp.
F09-T18-15 Pseudogymnoascus sp.
F09-T18-16 Pseudogymnoascus sp.
F09-T18-19 Pseudogymnoascus sp.
F09-T18-20 Pseudogymnoascus sp.
F09-T18-23 Pseudogymnoascus sp.
F09-T23-3 Acremonium sp.
  1. aStrain nomenclature according to Henriquez et al. [20]
  2. bIdentity of the strains according to Henriquez et al. [20]