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Table 3 The enriched pathways for the nodes in module 1 and 3

From: Bioinformatics analysis of microarray data to reveal the pathogenesis of diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma

Pathway name Count p-value Genes
Module 1
 hsa04080:neuroactive ligand–receptor interaction 11 7.94E−12 P2RY6, GRM2, OPRL1, P2RY14, CHRM1, GRM7, ADRA2A, ADRA1B, ADRA1A, GRM1, HTR2A
 hsa04020:calcium signaling pathway 6 1.83E−05 ADCY2, CHRM1, ADRA1B, ADRA1A, GRM1, HTR2A
 hsa04724:glutamatergic synapse 4 1.39E−03 ADCY2, GRM2, GRM7, GRM1
 hsa04022:cGMP-PKG signaling pathway 4 4.08E−03 ADCY2, ADRA2A, ADRA1B, ADRA1A
 hsa04970:salivary secretion 3 1.26E−02 ADCY2, ADRA1B, ADRA1A
 hsa04540:gap junction 3 1.32E−02 ADCY2, GRM1, HTR2A
 hsa04270:vascular smooth muscle contraction 3 2.34E−02 ADCY2, ADRA1B, ADRA1A
 hsa04261:adrenergic signaling in cardiomyocytes 3 3.42E−02 ADCY2, ADRA1B, ADRA1A
Module 3
 hsa04724:glutamatergic synapse 5 2.37E−06 SLC17A7, DLGAP1, GRIN1, GRIN3A, SHANK2
 hsa05033:nicotine addiction 3 6.74E−04 SLC17A7, GRIN1, GRIN3A
 hsa04024:cAMP signaling pathway 3 1.56E−02 GRIN1, GHRL, GRIN3A
 hsa05030:cocaine addiction 2 4.86E−02 GRIN1, GRIN3A