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Table 1 Hypermethylation of various genes investigated in different types of cancers

From: A Nexus model of cellular transition in cancer

S. N. Site of hypermethylation Type of cancer
1 Glutathione S transferase gene (GSTPI, also known as GST3) Prostate and breast cancer [91]
2 Promoter region of Liver Kinase B1 (LKB1) Papillary breast cancer [92]
3 Promoter region of cyclin-dependent Kinase inhibitor p15INK4B Leukemia and glioma [93]
4 Promoter CpG island of the O6-MGMT gene Brain, colon and lung cancer [94]
5 CpG island of death-associated protein Kinase DAP-Kinase Lymphomas [95]
6 Promoter region of p73 gene Lymphoma cancer [96]