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Table 2 Summary of molecular biology-based research performed on jojoba (Simmondsia chinensis)

From: A review on plant importance, biotechnological aspects, and cultivation challenges of jojoba plant

Molecular techniques Targets References
RAPD Genetic variability [69]
RAPD Gender differentiation [53]
ISSR Gender marker-assisted selections [70]
RAPD, ISSR Genetic relationship among and between gender [71]
RAPD, ISSR Assessment of ISSR and RAPD marker assays for genetic diversity analysis [21]
Touch-down PCR assay Gender diagnostic [73]
RAPD, ISSR Clone maintenance [72]
AFLP Gender-linked AFLP markers [74]
CAPS Early gender differentiation [52]
RAPD In vitro and in vivo gender differentiation [75]
ISSR Genetic variation and chemical traits of selected plants [76, 77]
ISSR, SCAR Early gender differentiation [6]
ISSR Male-specific sequence tagged sites marker [78]
ISSR Male-specific sequence tagged sites marker [79]
SCoT, CBDP Gender genetic diversity [54]
RAPD, GC–MS technique Validation of different jojoba accessions for commercial applications [80]
Gel based proteomics coupled with real time-PCR Protein-based biomarker [82]