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Table 1 Summary of constituent data of Trinity-assembled E. fetida transcriptome

From: De novo transcriptome assembly, functional annotation and differential gene expression analysis of juvenile and adult E. fetida, a model oligochaete used in ecotoxicological studies

Total Trinity ‘genes’ 74,381
Total Trinity transcripts 90,862
Percent GC 41.74
Stats based on ALL transcript contigs
 Contig N10 788
 Contig N20 586
 Contig N30 472
 Contig N40 395
 Contig N50 339
 Median contig length 276
 Average contig length 340.18
 Total assembled bases 30,909,011
Stats based on ONLY LONGEST ISOFORM per ‘GENE’
 Contig N10 773
 Contig N20 573
 Contig N30 460
 Contig N40 384
 Contig N50 329
 Median contig length 272
 Average contig length 334.57
 Total assembled bases 24,885,474