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Table 1 The enriched gene ontology terms and pathways of the differentially expressed genes (DEGs) in carcinoma-associated fibroblasts (CAF) of non-small cell lung carcinoma (NSCLC)

From: Analysis of gene expression changes associated with human carcinoma-associated fibroblasts in non-small cell lung carcinoma

Category Term Count p value
Up-regulated genes
 BP GO:0007166~cell surface receptor linked signal transduction 16 4.95E−04
GO:0007186~G-protein coupled receptor protein signaling pathway 12 7.29E−04
GO:0008544~epidermis development 5 0.0029
GO:0030335~positive regulation of cell migration 4 0.0030
GO:0007398~ectoderm development 5 0.0039
GO:0040017~positive regulation of locomotion 4 0.0039
GO:0051272~positive regulation of cell motion 4 0.0039
 CC GO:0005576~extracellular region 13 0.0249
GO:0005886~plasma membrane 19 0.0456
 MF GO:0005179~hormone activity 3 0.0496
Down-regulated genes
 BP GO:0007416~synaptogenesis 9 1.31E−06
GO:0016339~calcium-dependent cell–cell adhesion 8 1.43E−06
GO:0043062~extracellular structure organization 16 2.72E−05
GO:0016485~protein processing 12 1.80E−04
GO:0050808~synapse organization 9 1.89E−04
GO:0030324~lung development 11 2.80E−04
GO:0030323~respiratory tube development 11 3.57E−04
 CC GO:0005576~extracellular region 87 2.38E−06
GO:0044421~extracellular region part 45 2.47E−04
GO:0005624~membrane fraction 38 8.21E−04
 MF GO:0005509~calcium ion binding 47 2.44E−05
GO:0015923~mannosidase activity 4 0.0067
GO:0019838~growth factor binding 9 0.0070
  1. BP biological process, CC cellular component, MF molecular function, Count number of genes