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Table 1 Sequence pools based on secondary structure dissection

From: 50 years of amino acid hydrophobicity scales: revisiting the capacity for peptide classification

Abbr. Sequences Description Name
random 16447 Non-transmembrane random coils Random coil
s-sheet 8134 Non-transmembrane β-sheets Soluble β-sheets
s-helix 34452 Non-transmembrane α-helices Soluble α-helices
tm-sheet 4407 Transmembrane β-sheets Trans-membrane β-sheets
tm-helix 9922 Transmembrane α-helices Trans-membrane α-helices
  1. All peptides have a minimal length of ten amino acids required for EBBS based analysis. Soluble pools contain only peptides with the defined SSE, while the trans-membrane pools contain both, peptides with the given SSE only and with the given SSE and additional amino acids to reach a length of ten amino acids