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Table 2 Fifty percent cell growth inhibition (IC 50 ) of different extracts of Z. heitzii

From: Fruits and barks extracts of Zanthozyllum heitzii a spice from Cameroon induce mitochondrial dependent apoptosis and Go/G1 phase arrest in human leukemia HL-60 cells

Cell lines IC50(μ/mL)
  Zh/F/H2O Zh/F/MeOH Zh/B/H2O Zh/B/MeOH
HL-60 >100 20 ± 2.3 >100 12 ± 1.5
  1. Results are expressed as mean ± SD; n = 3; Zh/F/H2O: Aqueous extract of fruits; Zh/B/H2O: aqueous extract of barks; Zh/F/MeOH: Methanol extract of fruits; Zh/B/MeOH: Methanol extract of barks.