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Table 2 Agave species used in this study and characteristics of collection sites in Mexico A

From: Seed germination of Agave species as influenced by substrate water potential

Subgenera Species Collection site Reproduction Climate (MAP)† Type of vegetation
Agave A. americana var. marginata San Luis Potosí, SLP Rhizomatous offshoots and seeds Various (580) Artificial habitats and ornamental
A. asperrima Cerritos, San Luis Potosí Rhizomatous offshoots and seeds BS1kw (450) Piedmont scrub and xerophytic shrubland
A. duranguensis Guanajuato, Gto. Rhizomatous offshoots and seeds BS0kw(e) (484) Xerophytic shrubland, open pine, and oak forest
A. cupreata Chilapa, Guerrero Seeds A(C)w1(w)(i’)g (838) Pine and oak forest, pastureland and palm grove
A. salmiana La Mantequilla, San Luis Potosí Rhizomatous offshoots and seeds BS1hw(e)g (361) Succulent shrubland and mycrophyllous dry shrubland
Littaea A. lechuguilla Guadalcázar, San Luis Potosí Rhizomatous offshoots and seeds BW, BS0, BS1 and CW0 (340) Xerophytic rosette shrubland
  A. striata Guadalcázar, San Luis Potosí Seeds and axillary branching BShw (280) Xerophytic rosette shrubland
  1. ABased on information obtained from CONABIO [16], García [17], Gentry [18], Illsley et. al [19] and Ruiz-Corral et. al [20]. †Mean annual precipitation (mm).